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What is a project model?

A project model is a collection of rules and aids used for running a project.

The project model is often graphically illustrated in a map. This helps provide a good overview and to identify the different phases of the model. The map also creates a common view of the model for all project members.

The model includes descriptions of workflows, activities, roles, tollgates, documents etc. The tasks described in the model are of an administrative type.

Project standard is sometimes used as an alternative name for project model.

Project model or work model?

The project model describes the rules for running a project. It can be used for any type of project, independent of the project outcome. The tasks described in the model are used for steering the work towards the predefined goals and for facilitating control of the work.
The work model describes the workflows and the design process used to achieve the project result.

Page responsible: Mattias Krysander
Last updated: 2016-11-24